OK I am cool now I am ready…


OK,I am cool now! I am ready to be the new school choice, charter school alternative, social union Inc.! I will make myself available to Pres. Obama, at his service, for the betterment of the USA, friends & allies! I will not lecture Pres. Obama. I will help him see the real ways of the little people & our real diversity of thoughts & deeds! Social does not belong to the state! We are critical of the state, like Socialists are critical of business corporations! After all, if you take the terms for their unprejudiced meanings, in essence, a real estate corporation, can be a private business or a municipal corporation! If you are to look without prejudice, you would see the business of the municipal corporation & a simple real estate corporation, are closely akin ,for all practical purposes! Social incorporation or social union, is the root cause or…

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