Revenge First Look: Victoria Plots Her Next Move After Emily’s Big Reveal


Now that Amanda Clarke is finally out in the open, and Emily Thorne has officially been put to rest, what’s next for the latter’s arch nemeses?

A lot of reading, apparently.

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New photos from Revenge‘s April 12 episode find Victoria and Margaux poring over the contents of a photo album, and judging by Vicky’s menacing words in the promo (“She’s left quite a body count”), I’m thinking this is far more than a walk down memory lane.

The episode’s log line also does nothing to quell my fears: “Emily faces a promising future as Amanda Clarke… until Victoria uncovers devastating new secrets from her past.” (Gulp.)

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Victoria is even seen making a pit stop at Chez Ross, where it looks like she gets some assistance from Nolan’s future ex-wife…

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